How To Build a Winning Machine.

All Blacks

“A winning organisation is an environment of personal and development, in which each individual takes responsibility and shares ownership”

“Successful leaders balance pride with humility; absolute pride in performance; total humility before the magnitude of the task”

“The challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you are the best. Especially when you are best”

“A collection of talented individuals without personal discipline will ultimately and inevitably fail. Character triumphs over talent.”

“A culture of asking and re-asking fundamental questions cuts away unhelpful beliefs in order to achieve clarity of execution. Humility allows us to ask a simple question: how can we do this better”

“Organizational decline is inevitable unless leaders prepare for change even when standing at the pinnacle of success”

“Collective character is vital to success. Focus on getting the culture, the results will follow”

“The being of team begins from inside. High standards must come from within. Leadership works best when your team takes the lead”

“Leaders connect personal meaning to a higher purpose to create belief and a sense of direction”

“Inspired leaders, organizations and teams find their deepest purpose – their “why”? – and attract followers through shared values, vision and beliefs”

“Leaders create leaders by passing on responsibility, creating ownership, accountability and trust”

“Shared responsibility means shared ownership. A sense of inclusion means individuals are more willing to give themselves to a common cause”

“We had to grow more collaborative, so that together we grow, together we advance” says Gilbert Enoka (All Blacks mental coach)

“We changed total rom unilateral decision-making to dual management and the players has a big part of setting the standards, the life standards, the behaviours that are acceptable” Wayne Smith says.

“Dual leadership was a very important part of our success, perhaps the reason for that success”

“I’m from an educational background, so I’m very keen on it being a learning environment. The result of this is that people get better, they’re always improving… how can we make this better, how can we improve this?” says Graham Henry.

“Excellence is the process of evolution, of cumulative learning, of incremental improvement”

“Better people make better leaders”

“Leaders are learners”

“Language is pivotal to winning , language sets the mental and the physical frame for victory…. a team of followers is immediately on the back foot, A team of leaders steps up and finds a way to win”

“A map of daily self-improvement acts as a powerful tool to develop teams and organisations; this living document provides fresh goals and develops new skills so people push themselves harder, become more capable and achieve more for the team”

“Marginal gains: 100 things done 1 per cent better to deliver cumulative competitive advantage”

“Fly in formation. Be one in mind. Follow the spearhead”

“This is the being of team and the essence of the successful organisation”

“The being of team begins from inside. High standards must come from within. Leadership works best when your team takes the lead”

“The Strength of the wolf is in the pack”

“No one is bigger than the team and individual brilliance does not automatically lead to outstanding results. One selfish mind set will infect a collective culture”

“Intensity of preparation – training to win – conditions the brain and body to perform under pressure. It lets peak performance become automatic. It develops the mind set to win”

“Training with intensity accelerates personal growth”

“From listening comes knowledge;

“From knowledge comes understanding;

“From understanding comes wisdom;

“From wisdom comes well-being”

“The best leaders remain true to their deepest values. They lead their own life and others follow”

“High performing teams promote a culture of honesty, authenticity and safe conflict”

“If integrity is a central leadership tool and everyone in a team does exactly what they say will do, clarity, certainty, productivity and momentum are the results.”

“Champions do extra”

“No one is bigger than the team”

“Leave the jersey in a better place”

“Live for the jersey. Die for the jersey”

“It’s not enough to be good, it’s about being great”

“It’s not the jersey, it’s the main in the jersey”

“Once an All Black, always an All Black”

The All Blacks set incredibly high standards for themselves and they have a rich history of success which has to be lived up to. Every player who puts on the black jersey has the massive pressure of continuing this legacy and honouring the All Blacks past.

Character, responsibility, expectation, sacrifice, family, adaptation, modesty, tradition, history and legacy, all of drive New Zealand rugby forward and it is a big reason why they are one of the greatest teams in sport.


I would like to credit ‘Legacy’ by James Kerr for the quotes provided in this blog, I have linked the book below.

Amazon UK



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